The parallel sessions took place at the APC laboratory and at the FACe


Astrophysical sources

Conveners : Monica Colpi (U.Milano-Bicocca) - Steinn Sigurdsson (Penn. State)

LisaPathfinder/LISA/NGO technology

Conveners : Martin Hewitson (AEI) - Eric Plagnol (APC) / Bill Weber (U.Trento) - Guido Mueller (U.Florida)

Data analysis (methods, source modeling, science

Conveners : Alessandra Buonanno (U.Maryland) - Ed Porter (APC)

Other experiments and alternative designs

Conveners : Seiji Kawamura (U.Tokyo) - Tuck Stebbins (Goddard)

The poster session took place from Tuesday onwards in the room adjacent to the main Amphitheatre at the BnF.